DISSH Warringah

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Within view of the glittering shores and sun-kissed bathers of Bondi Beach stands our first Sydney store brought to life through the artistic lens of Melbourne-based Designer, Brahman Perera (Brem). 

Giving a strong focus to texture, light, and layering, this flagship is making waves, and features some of our most sustainable retail practices to date (the clothes aren’t half bad, either).

Melbourne -based designer, Brahman Perera (Brem) wanted to design a space that felt honest and true to the brand. Parts of his own design which came through was that it was more contextual to the coastal Sydney experience than from where the brand started, and that’s what helped inform the design process. 

"...When it comes to contemporary design, I tend to think of it in two lenses: the physical experience, but also how does it translate in photography, and how is it experienced digitally"
— Brahman Perera (Brem)
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