What is Refundid?

Refundid provides shoppers instant refunds for their returns. No need to wait for your order to be shipped back and checked before you’re issued a refund. Use Refundid to get your refund before you’ve even sent back your items.

With Refundid your refund appears in your account in under 30 seconds.
Click here to get started!

How do I use Refundid?

Click here or go to

Follow Refundid's 3 step process and receive your full refund in real-time.
If you haven't already, ship back your order to DISSH at:

Customer Service, 2/48 Eagleview Place, Eagle Farm, QLD, 4009. Australia
For more information, check out Refundid's FAQ at

What do I do after receiving my refund from Refundid?

After using Refundid your refund process is complete. 

If you have not shipped back your items, you must do so by sending them to the address specified in the DISSH returns policy and provide Refundid with the relevant shipping tracking number. Please add this shipping tracking number through your Refundid account.

For any questions related to the shipping tracking number, please reach out to Refundid here.

Where do I receive my Refund?

When signing up to Refundid you’re prompted to provide your BSB and Account Number. Refundid pays you instantly into this account.

Is there a limit to how much I can refund on a single return?

Yes, refund limits apply to returns lodged through Refundid. Visit Refundid's FAQs to learn more.

What products can I not receive a refund on?

Refundid is not available for any non-refundable items. Be sure to read the DISSH returns policy to see which items fall within this criterion.

Refundid is also not available for any orders made using a gift card.

When can I expect to get my refund?

When using Refundid, refunds are paid out instantly meaning they are received in your bank account within 60 seconds of the return being lodged through Refundid.

If your refund is not received within this timeframe, please be sure to reach out to Refundid here. 

Are purchases made with Afterpay, Zip Pay and Humm eligible with Refundid?

When an item is purchased with Afterpay, or any other buy now pay later service, you are still eligible to receive a refund from Refundid by following the Refundid process.

Please note that the refund will not resolve any outstanding Buy Now Pay Later payments, so you will be required to pay any remaining instalments to you Buy Now Pay Later provide. For further information, click here


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