DISSH was born out of a love for fashion and design shared by Mother Daughter duo, Maree and Lucy (it’s nice to meet you!).

With the family home as the heart of DISSH (literally), the brand was born with the kitchen as the office and the loungeroom as the stock room. In 2001 we opened our doors to our first DISSH boutique on the Gold Coast, Australia and welcomed in our first ever DISSH customers – what a feeling!  

From this milestone, we focused on our own DISSH label, designing, creating and manufacturing our own collections – bringing you something unique and effortlessly cool that has you covered no matter the occasion. Over the years, we have worked hard to expand our exclusive range across clothing, jewellery and accessories, now all under the DISSH brand and designed with a lot of love by our in-house team. Our team is passionate about design with equal focus on style, fit and quality, all at an attainable price point.

Today, we’re proud to have 10 DISSH boutiques across Queensland, Australia (we aren’t working out of the family home anymore!), and an EBoutique that allows us to connect with and dress women not just around Australia, but around the world. While the DISSH brand has transformed over the years, our mission has always remained the same. We are committed to curating what the cool girls want to wear now, for whatever is next on their social calendar.

Thanks for coming on the journey with us, we can’t wait to share what’s next.

Maree & Lucy x 


We do it for the girls.

As a business owned and run by women, it’s at our core to inspire women to empower themselves in all aspects of life. We take pride in creating pieces that make women look and feel amazing.

When you shop DISSH you’re supporting a brand that supports you. Our community of women are important to us, and we regularly partner with Charity Organisations that align with our brand purpose and values. Some of our heroes include National Breast Cancer Foundation, Suited To Success and Share The Dignity.

Shop DISSH. Support Women.   


The DISSH range is underpinned by an effortless sense of cool, and a commitment to being a destination for the social young woman – no matter what’s on the calendar.

Our in-house collections are known for their feminine silhouettes, unique designs and accessibility. From our everyday denim and essentials range, to our 100% linen collection and our statement event wear, DISSH is for every girl and everything on her social calendar. Aspirational yet accessible, DISSH curates and designs the latest in fashion, that you’ll love now and forever.   


Just like you, we are always looking at ways to be kinder to our environment and continually improve our products and day-to-day practises.

We are proud to share this journey with you as we look at how we can make positive changes within our business that reduce our environmental impact – small or big, every action counts. This is an ongoing process and we look forward to sharing our next steps with you.

Fabrics + Materials:

  • As we design our upcoming collections we are committed to using natural fibres such as linen, that are more sustainable in their manufacturing processes and long term environmental effects.
  • We are currently in the process of phasing out our single use plastic bags in our 10 boutiques and online store. We are currently working on moving to bio-based bags and can’t wait to package them up for you in your next order.


  • To avoid waste, stock is not ordered in mass quantities. We start with small orders to trial styles before ordering larger quantities to suit our customer demand and avoid over-production and waste.
  • Our pieces are designed by our team in HQ here in Brisbane and manufactured in China with a high quality of production and factory standards. We have great relationships with our factories ensuring staff are paid appropriately, work reasonable hours with ample break times, receive any relevant rewards including bonuses & overtime. We receive imagery from our contacts of the spaces to ensure they are inline with our standards. When international travel is possible again, our production team & director will be visiting all factory locations. 

HQ Initiatives:

  • We are guilty of living off a cappuccino (or two) a day. With the daily caffeine consumption holding strong, we decided to gift all HQ staff with a keep cup to stop the waste of single use cups, a simple yet important step in reducing our footprint as a team. That’s 20 cups saved a day, 100 cups saved a week and 5,200 cups saved a YEAR!
  • We are paperless where possible, with a huge restriction put on all unnecessary print jobs – a seemingly small but positive step to minimizing the use of paper and reducing our impact on the environment.