Smooth and soft to touch, our luxurious feel satin fabrication has a high shine finish that flawlessly captures the light. Our satin collection is made from natural fibres in a blend of rayon and viscose. Lightweight and luminous, our satin has gentle drape that holds itself yet moves effortlessly with the wearer.

Satin is woven with a top yarn that ‘floats’ on top of the under yarns, meaning the fabric can easily be caught on objects, so avoid any rough surfaces, jewellery or accessories that may catch or snag when wearing.

Care Guide

Dry cleaning is the best method to care for your satin (especially satin blazers). Water washing can lead to fabric shrinkage and machine washing may damage your garment. A gentle hand wash is recommended if you are unable to dry clean. If hand washing, use a gentle detergent then dry your garment flat or hanging in the shade, and do not tumble dry. For any creases, use a warm iron or steamer with pieces turned inside out. Adding a piece of cotton cloth placed on top of the garment for protection is a good way to ensure the fabric does not burn. Once clean, hang your garments to avoid creasing, away from sunlight or moisture.

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