Things have changed around here (& will continue to). Just like you, we are always looking at ways to be kinder to our environment & continually improve our products & day-to-day practices. We are proud to share this journey with you as we look at how we can make positive changes within our business that reduce our environmental impact. Small & big, every action counts & this will forever be an ongoing & evolving process. 


The majority of our new collections are created from natural fibres. We have been designing & curating collections that hero 100% linen. Linen is a natural fibre with a lower environmental impact than other materials. It is strong & durable, meaning your DISSH linen piece is one you will wear time & time again. It not only looks great & feels luxurious, but linen is biodegradable & recyclable. Another benefit of linen is it's breathability, making it cool in Summer & warm in Winter - therefore is a fibre we will continue to work with & bring you new designs all year round! We will soon be launching our first AW Linen Collection - stay tuned. 


We are currently phasing out the use of our single use plastic packaging in our EBoutique & 10 store locations across Queensland. We have replaced our plastic bags with a bio-based bag. These bags are created from PLA, which is made from plant material (starch of plants). These bags are reusable and are biodegradable. They can be composted at home or within a commercial compost. We are using all remaining plastic bags before implementing the use of these bio bags. We’re excited to package up your order in them!

On top of this significant packaging change, we are also changing what comes inside your package! We have removed all unnecessary branded packaging. We will no longer be printing our branded cards for inclusion in orders. Alongside this, all garments will come in a recycled plastic bag. This is a necessary step in reducing our environmental footprint.

We will also have a 100% cotton DISSH tote bag as an option for every purchase. All of these packaging changes will be in effect from January 2021. 


Our 100% cotton DISSH tote is perfect to not only to carry your DISSH order in, but to continue to use in your everyday life - replacing the use of single use plastic bags. All profits from the DISSH Cotton Tote will be donated to Queensland Suited to Success. Suited to Success relies on community support to fund 80% of the services they provide for job-seekers. It has been an incredibly challenging time for the charity & the people they support. Contributions help assist women in Australia become independent, by empowering them with the practical tools, support & confidence they need for job seeking & overcoming barriers to employment. As a business owned by & run by women, we are so passionate about supporting their work. The CEO of Suited to Success, Tamara Smith thanks you for your support and for "inspiring hope and self-belief for brighter futures." It's a lot more than just a tote bag. 


To avoid waste, stock is not ordered in mass quantities. We start with small orders to trial styles before ordering larger quantities to suit our customer demand and avoid over-production and waste. This is where our “Coming Soon” and “Preorder” functions come in. These help us gauge interest and order only what’s in demand.

Our pieces are designed by our HQ team here in Brisbane and manufactured in China with a high quality of production and factory standards. We have great relationships with our factories ensuring staff are working in comfortable conditions. We receive imagery from our contacts of the spaces to ensure they are inline with our standards. When international travel is possible again, our production team & director will be visiting all factory locations and will share this journey with you.  


We have significantly reduced printing in HQ, EBoutique and stores. Signage for stores is created to have more longevity and we now only print campaign imagery for 2 stores across Queensland. We're also excited to announce that we have just launched our online returns portal. On top of being a more seamless experience for the customer, it also reduces print material from our orders. Gift cards are now all digital, removing this printing and plastic material completely from the business.  

All of these initiatives collectively significantly reduce the use of paper across the entire business. 


We are guilty of living off a cappuccino (or two) a day. With the daily caffeine consumption holding strong, we decided to gift all HQ staff with a keep cup to stop the waste of single use cups, a simple yet important step in reducing our footprint as a team. That’s 20 cups saved a day, 100 cups saved a week and 5,200 cups saved a YEAR!

This is a continuous and ever-changing journey. We will continue to implement & work towards new more environmentally and people friendly initiatives. This is an evolving & growing space & we will always be on the look out for new technologies & ways to help reduce our footprint.

This is only the beginning. Here's what else we have in the pipeline...

  • All swing tags on products changed to recycled paper.
  • We will soon be introducing e-receipts meaning we will no longer print receipts for orders in store and online, allowing the customer to receive this digitally. 
  • We are excited to be working on a capsule range created from recycled materials. This will be launched in 2021/2022.