16 June 2023

A Night With DISSH In Downtown LA

This month DISSH celebrated Summer in LA with an intimate dinner hosted at the iconic San Vincente Bungalows.The first of our newly launched dinner series, focused on nothing but celebrating connection, creativity, and collaboration (over a beautiful menu and a wine or two).  Seated at the table were friends of the brand including Tezza Barton, Emma Brooks, Kayla Seah, Meeka Hossain, and Sheryl Luke, alongside DISSH Owner & Director, Lucy Henry-Hicks.“There really is nothing cooler to me than going to dinner with a group of women and hearing them talk about amazing things they are doing, what’s inspiring them right now, why they love to dream and create. It always fulfills me and makes me feel like creativity is endless, inspiration is everywhere. I thrive off connecting with other humans and tonight was one of those nights”  - Tezza.Location: San Vincente Bungalows
Photographer: Getty Images
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