02 August 2018

HOW TO: create a killer flatlay

Looking to transform your Insta feed into ultimate #gramgoals?! Girl, look no further – we’ve put together a step by step guide to creating killer flatlays!

This style of photo is perfect for spacing out the selfies or organising the #ootd’s without filling your feed with content that isn’t your own! Have you got a babin’ new bag you spent your life savings on or a new pair of shoes you want to share with the world!? Well, flatlays are the answer!

1. Backdrop – a simple white background is an obvious but great option, being a neutral colour that goes with everything and generally works with the surrounding layout of your Instagram page. Once you get confident, feel free to play around with texture – most people use a white sheet as it’s easy to use and not too distracting, but personal faves of mine are fluffy rugs, surfaces with interesting (but not distracting) detail such as wooden benches, wrought iron tables and marble counters.

2. Find a hero piece – Your flatlay is to show off an item you’re currently loving, right!? If there’s too many pieces being displayed all at once, the eyes will get distracted and your main purchase will be lost in all the clutter. Pick one piece that will be the main focus of your flatlay and roll with that!

3. Colour scheme – once you’ve picked your hero piece, look at the colours/tones it displays and choose different shades of the same colour or have a look on the colour wheel to see what will compliment.

4. Add a second backdrop or prop if needed – magazines are a great option. It adds a little more depth to your photo, plus #farshunnnn. Get a feel for what kind of colours you’re going to be using throughout the image and find a magazine cover or page that compliments it. Pages with text only are also a great addition to the backdrop without being too in your face.

5. ACCESSORISE – I personally love an ‘over-accessorised’ flatlay as it looks as though you’ve put more effort into the image and know exactly what you’re doing when it comes to styling (when done right). Don’t add items that will take the focus away from your hero piece, but items that work really well for accessorising your flatlay are jewellery, bags, belts, shoes, hats, sunglasses, makeup products with cute packaging… the list goes on! It doesn’t always have to be fashion or beauty related either – I personally love using props such as flowers, perfume bottles, vintage collectables and even a coffee cup.

6. Placement – There’s no ‘right’ way to style your flatlay. You can either place your items in a more structured form so that you have clean lines with white space in between, or you can layer up and play with different positions – it’s completely up to you and what suits your aesthetic!

7. Lighting – Natural light works really well for flatlays, as it makes the picture feel more relatable and less staged. Though if you can’t get the right amount of sunlight you need, cool toned lights are the most flattering for an image. Warm tones make the image too yellow and distort your white backdrop and colours in the flatlay.

8. Play around with angles – typically flatlays are shot from a bird’s eye view, however, if you want to create more focus around a certain piece in your photo or aren’t particularly into that clean, square look, then tilt the camera slightly or capture the image from a lower angle.

9. …and SHOOT! You don’t need an expensive camera to be #gramgoals - using your phone’s camera is totally fine!

10. Now you’ve got the pic, it’s time to edit! Use the select tool on Snapseed and turn down the saturation and up the brightness. This will help make the background a nice, clean and crisp white. Once your happy with how it’s looking, pop it into VSCO and choose the filter that fits with your feed. You can adjust the level of this too. Ps. Both of these apps are FREE!

Congrats girlfriend! You are now a #flatlayqween and will be bringing in the double tap’s in no time! xx Ellie C