04 July 2018

BEHIND THE BRAND: Ecommerce Coordinator

INTRODUCE YOURSELF + YOUR ROLE AT DISSH: Hi there! My name’s Brittany & I’m the Ecommerce Coordinator here at Dissh.

WAIT, SO WHAT DO YOU ACTUALLY DO: As the Ecommerce Coordinator I oversee all things EBoutique. This varies from creating product releases, to managing budgets and most importantly merchandising product on our beautiful new site!

FAVOURITE THING ABOUT YOUR JOB: That I get to work with such an amazing group of ladies!! Each and every single one of them has a uniquely amazing personality that makes coming to work each day a treat!

YOUR STYLE IN 3 WORDS: Colour, Comfort & Earrings - I just can’t leave the house without at least 1 pair on!

 NEWEST DISSH PIECE YOU OWN: The Golden Age Knitted Culotte.

 OLDEST DISSH PIECE YOU OWN: A pair of wide leg patterned pants.

 GUILTY PLEASURE: Eating an entire bag of Malteasers, or an entire bag of any junk food really 🙊

 CURRENTLY BINGE WATCHING: Sense 8... late to the party.

BEAUTY ITEM YOU CAN’T LIVE WITHOUT: Clarisonic cleanser - it makes me feel fresh faced even after a long day... or night 🕺🏽

DRINK OF CHOICE: Slow Gin Fizz (when I’m feeling fancy!).

Internships, internships, internships!!! Amongst many other internships I completed whilst at uni, I was an intern at Dissh before I was offered a full time position. If you get yourself a great internship, put in the hours and always say yes, eventually all that effort will pay off (even if it was all unpaid!).

Britt xx