21 September 2018

BAG SPILL: Festival Survival Kit

Listen up festi-heads – Listen Out is around the corner and we’ve got a list of the essentials you need A$AP (Rocky) to get through the day without any issues!

First of all, you need a bag for all of your belongings. Make sure you choose one that isn’t going to be annoying to carry around all day. We suggest cross-body bags or belt bags so that you’re hands free for all the dancing you’re about to do! 

The documents: Without your ticket and photo ID, you’ll have an extremely hard time getting past the front gate. You can provide a hard copy or at-home printed ticket, or for anyone with an iPhone, Apple Wallet is a convenient way to store your ticket to avoid carrying extra, unwanted paperwork in your bag. Keep your cards in a card holder or a zipped away pocket instead of just loose in your bag – when you’re busy boogying you wouldn’t feel if they were to fly out your bag, and that’s the last thing you want.

Not only are sunglasses a great fashion accessory to jazz up your festi outfit, they also protect your eyes… shock horror! Prevent headaches and squinty eyes caused by extreme sun-in-eye syndrome with cool shades, and for an extra cool and convenient look, wear them on a sunglasses chain.

Portable Charger: You do not want to be in a situation where you lose your friends and can’t contact them, reach the end of the night and not be able to order yourself an Uber home, OR WORSE – have your fave song come on at the headlining act and NOT be able to snapchat it! Carry a small power bank to avoid all of the above scenarios and party with peace of mind.

You spend enough time creating your extravagant, glittery makeup look before the festival starts, so why let all that hard work go to waste after a visit to the mosh pit? Prevent your makeup sliding and sweating off in the hot sun by keeping your face powder in your bag to touch up in-between sets. In case your makeup has moved, a pressed powder foundation is best to replace the coverage you may have lost!

Hand Sanitiser: Usually your only option at festivals is a port-a-loo. Don’t be surprised when they don’t supply a generous amount of your favourite scented soaps, ‘cause they probably won’t have any soap at all. Carrying a hand sanitiser is essential for post-bathroom visits and pre-food intakes.

Band-aids: Chances are you’ll be wearing your new pair of Doc Marten’s or knee high Roc Boots which take many festivals to properly break in, so having a backup supply of band-aids will keep you on your feet for the duration of the festival.

The most important of them all – WTF are you going wear?! Shop our latest drop of new to nail your festival look this year. We’ll be wearing:

Happy dancing!
Ellie xx